Donation - Terms and Conditions
As You have agreed Donations' Terms And Conditions and that donate is voluntary You can donate.

A You can Donate via Paypal, Debit cards, Skrill, bank transfers, Western Union, Sms, crypto currencies, PaysafeCard (Not from Greece) and many others!

B Our Team GM Names: Mightas, HeadEx

1) Contact admin bellow contacts: Contacts

2) 10 Donate coins price is 5Euro (1Dc 0.5Euro)

2) How to donate Via paypal? Press "Donate Now", enter your char name in note press a gift image & donator coins will be given in 15-45minutes!

Donate Now

3) VIP Status 5Euro

3) Full items cost 20Euro

4) Custom Skin 5Euro

5) Hero (Forever) 10Euro